Brosimum guianense – Berbá

The tree reaches a height of up to 25 m, with diameters of 35 cm or more above the low buttresses. It has well formed boles that are often clear for about two thirds of the total height of the tree. It has abundant creamy latex.

Species in this group are reported to occur in humid, non-inundable secondary forests.

General wood description

Odor is distinct.

The sapwood is not clearly differentiated, the heartwood is yellow when dry.

The grain is frequently straight.

This species is usually reported to have a fine texture.

This species is moderate in luster.

Common names

Surinam: Letterhoot.

Belize: Letterwood.

Brasil: Pau-Tartaruba, Muirapinima, Garrote, Amapá-Doce, Almesclão.

Referenced uses


  • Ornaments

300 metros al norte de la plaza de deportes,
Los Angeles de la Fortuna,
Provincia de Alajuela,
San Carlos, Costa Rica.
CP 21007