Cedrela odorata – Cedro

Cedrela odorata – Cedro

There are 3 important species, endowed with very similar woods, almost always confused, and called Cedar; however, they inhabit different areas in the national territory.

It is very common in dry land and high floodplain forests; prefers fertile clay soil, marshy or flooded during annual floods. It is the Amazonian red cedar, of great value and very esteemed.

General wood description

Odor characteristic, aromatic and pleasant, well pronounced.

Heartwood ranging from light brown to dark pinkish beige, and to reddish brown, somewhat differentiated from the pale pink sapwood.

Grain straight or slightly wavy.

Coarse texture.

Medium to high gloss surface, with golden highlights.

Moderate resistance to attack by xylophagous organisms. Greater resistance to termites.
Cedar wood, in pressure treatments, in laboratory tests, showed to be of low permeability to preservative solutions.

Common names

Brasil: Cedro-Rosa, Cedro-Vermelho, Cedro-Branco, Ceder, Cedro, Cedre Acajou, Redceder, Cedro Oloroso, Cedro Amargo, Acajou Rouge.

Colombia: Cedro Blanco, Cedro oloroso, Cedro Clavel, Cedro Real, Cedro Caquetá, Cedro.
Cebollo, Cedro Crespo, Cedro Amargo, Cedro Caoba.

Cuba: Cedro Macho, Cedro Hembra.

Ecuador: Cedro Dulce, Cedro Colorado.

Inglaterra: Cedar, Cedrela Wood.

Estados Unidos: Central American Cedar, Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Cigarbox Cedar.

México: Calicedro, Cero, Cobano, Kuche, Ciche, Nogal Cimarrón.

Perú: Cedro Colorado, Cedro Virgen, Atoccedro, Cedro.

Alemania: Cedrela.
Surinam: Ceder, Akkojaorie, Cedre Cedoe, Kurama, Samariehout, Akoejallie.

Puerto Rico: Cedro Hembra, Cedro Español.

Nicaragua: Cedro Real, Yalam.

Bolivia: Cedro, Mogno.

Guyana Francesa: Cédrat, Cedre Acajou.

Guyana: Red Cedar.

Venezuela: Cedro, Cedro Amargo.

Panamá: Cedro Amargo, Cedro Dulce, Cedro Colorado, Cedro.

Costa Rica: Aluk, Cedro Real, Cedro, Cobano, Runkra, Talí, Uruk, Cedro Amargo, Cedro Colorado, Cedro Dulce.

Paraguay: Cedro Colorado, Igary.

Salvador: Cedro Macho.

Jamaica: Cedra.

Referenced uses

General Housing

  • Boards
  • Paneling

Furniture and Cabinets

  • Luxury

Plywood and veneer

  • Faces
  • Decorative Veneer


  • Ornaments
  • Turned Furniture
  • Knife Handles


  • Tennis Rackets

Sports Equipment

  • Table Tennis


Naval Construction

  • Boats

Others and Musical Instruments

  • Violins
  • Handicraft
  • Cigar Boxes
  • Guitars
  • Violin Bows

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