Pentaclethra macroloba – Gavilán

Pentaclethra macroloba – Gavilán

The trees reach heights of 24 m on average, trunk diameters of 60 cm over the buttresses. They develop straight, or sometimes fluted.

Is found along rivers and streams, and also in low hills.

Is reported to be common in tropical rain forests of:

  • Central America
  • Northern South America

 Wood diffuses porous, vessels solitary and short radial multiples. Fibers with simple to minutely bordered pits.

General wood description

It is reported to have a characteristic odor.

The sapwood is pink, the heartwood gradually changes into reddish brown.

The direction of the grain is straight to slightly interlocked.

The texture of this species is reported to vary from medium to coarse.

This species has moderate to high luster.

This species is resistant to termites attack and it is not affected by wood staining fungi.

It is a permeable wood, with good preservatives retention.

Common names

Costa Rica: Wild Tamarind, Sangredo fabo, Pracachy, Paroa-Caxy, Parana-Cachy, Palo de aceite, Mulato, Kroebara, Kooroobali, Koeroeballi, Koeroebahara, Gavilán.

Trinidad & Tobago: Bois Mulatre.

Brasil: Pracaxy, Opagga, Koroballi, Ataka, Oil Bean, Apara.

Venezuela: Carbonero, Palo Mulato.

Colombia: Aserrín, Capitancillo, Dormilón.

Nicaragua: Gavilán.

Referenced uses

Housing General

  • Beams
  • Joists
  • Boards
  • Fittings

Furniture and Cabinets

Plywood and Veneer



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