Tabebuia guayacan – Corteza

Tree 20 to 40 m tall. The species grows at low and medium elevations, in dry, humid or very humid forests, from Mexico to Peru and Brazil.

In Panama it is common in secondary forests and urban areas.

General wood description

Non distinctive odor.

The sapwood is grayish cream and heartwood is olive brown to blackish with darker lines.

The gloss is low to medium.

Grain is straight to very irregular.

Textura fine to medium.

Is an extremely heavy wood.

Mechanical resistance is ranked as high to very high.

The wood is moderately difficult to saw.

Common names

Panama: Guayacán

Mexico: Guayacán

Costa Rica: Corteza

Honduras: Corteza

Nicaragua: Corteza

Venezuela: Flor amarilla

Ecuador: Madera negra

Peru: Tahuarí

Brazil: Ipé

Referenced uses

Naval constructions

Furniture and Construction

  • Bridges
  • Car bodies
  • Tool handles
  • Railway sleepers
  • Ornamental

300 metros al norte de la plaza de deportes,
Los Angeles de la Fortuna,
Provincia de Alajuela,
San Carlos, Costa Rica.
CP 21007