Terminalia amazonia – Papaliza

Terminalia amazonia – Papaliza

It is a dominant tree, it can reach a height of 30 to 45 m, with a diameter of up to 150 cm, but more commonly about 40 to 100 cm.

Is found in primary tropical rain forests. In the Amazon basin it is reported on terra firme forests, on well drained soils.

This species is reported to extend from southern Mexico into northern South America to Bolivia and Peru.

General wood description

It has no distinct odor or taste.

The color of the heartwood ranges from brownish yellow to olive yellow color, often with dark streaks, not clearly demarcated from the sapwood.

The grain is straight, wavy or interlocked.

The wood is medium textured.

It presents medium to high luster.

It is resistant to decay and dry-wood termites, but susceptible to attack by subterranean termites.

The heartwood has a poor response to preservative treatments. The response of the sapwood is variable.

Common names

Mexico: Guayo, Broadleaf, Poirier, Olivier mangue, Jucarillo, Chicharron amarillo, Chicharrón amarillo, Chicharrón, Chicharron, Canxun, Canshán, Canshan.

Perú: Rifari, Nogal Amarillo, Roble Amarillo, Chuncho.

Venezuela: Pata de danta, Guayabo de monte, Guayabo de montaña, Guayabón, Merendiba branca, Leche amarillo, Guyabillo, Guayabon, Pardillo Amarillo, Pardillo Negro, Pata De Danto.

Brasil: Tanibuca,White olive, Volador, Roble macuelizo, Pookadi, Pau mulato brancho, Guarajuba, Cuiarana, Tanimbuca, Pau-Mulato Branco.

French Guiana: Naranjo, Nangossiti, Guacharaco, Guaba, Ginja hoehoe, Chicharro, Bullywood, Bolador, Araca, Angouchi, Anangossiti.

Colombia: Guayabo negro, Guayabo leon, Palo Prieto, Roble, Nacastillo, Aromilla, Guayabo, Guayabo León, Roble De Esmeraldas.

Bolivia: Amarillon, Amarillo de panama, Amarillo, Amarilla, Verdolago.

Paraguay: Guaragui, Guarawi.

Ecuador: Nashipe, Yumbingue, Roble.

Guyana: White Oliver, Cochun, Fukadi.

Panama: Amarillo Carabazuelo.

Honduras: Almendro.

Referenced uses

Exterior general

  • Crossarms
  • Crossties

Housing general

  • Beams
  • Joists
  • Boards
  • Flooring
  • Parquet
  • Steps
  • Fittings

Furniture and cabinets

  • Cabinets

Plywood and veneer



Naval construction


  • Truck bodies
  • Truck flooring

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