Vochysia guatemalensis – Cebo

Tree 10 to 40 m tall. The species grows at low and medium elevations, in humid or very humid forests.

It goes from Mexico to Panama.

In South America it is found in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru.

General wood description

Little marking between heartwood and sapwood.

Light brown heartwood and white sapwood.

It is thick in texture.

It has an imperceptible smell and taste.

Dull wood.

It is wavy and sloping grain.

There are no growth rings.

It is considered as a light wood.

Common names

Panama: Flor de mayo, mayo blanco

Costa Rica: Cebo, chancho

Nicaragua: Barbachele, palo de agua

Belize: San Juan

Guatemala: San Juan

Honduras: San Juan

Referenced uses


  • Internal constructions
  • Carpentry
  • Fence posts


  • Match sticks
  • Boxes
  • Pulp for paper

300 metros al norte de la plaza de deportes,
Los Angeles de la Fortuna,
Provincia de Alajuela,
San Carlos, Costa Rica.
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