At Holystone Group we handle the processing of hard, semi-hard and soft woods. We have extensive and modern facilities in Costa Rica.

Currently our plant has the capacity to saw a little more than 15,000 m3 per year in the dimensions that the client requires. All of our timber comes from forests with authorized management plans.


Woods whose density is between 0.6 to more than 0.8 g / cm3, very heavy woods, usually with a good content of silica and other minerals, which makes them very abrasive, but at the same time very resistant to biodeterioration, with a range of shades of color from browns and reds. Normally used for exteriors and interiors from furniture, floors, fronts, beams, columns, pergolas, boats and cars.


Woods whose density is between 0.4 to 0.59 g / cm3, very abundant woods in the forest with yellowish to reddish and brown colors, have good resistance to biodegradability, normally used from the furniture to the structural sector, managing to produce most of the household components found indoors.


Woods whose density is between 0.2 to 0.39 g / cm3, normally fast-growing species within forests, do not absorb so many minerals from the soil, so their color is usually yellow to white, and they do not have good resistance to biodegradability. Are used in construction in short-term formwork, handicrafts, ice cream sticks, tongue depressor, models, model aircraft and lately as acoustic insulators.

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