Dialyanthera gracilipes – Otobo

It reaches heights of 30 to 35 m, with a diameter of over 60 cm. It prefers the tropical freshwater swampy forests of the Pacific coast. Several species of this genus are reported to be distributed from Costa Rica and Panama through Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru.  

Vochysia guatemalensis – Cebo

Tree 10 to 40 m tall. The species grows at low and medium elevations, in humid or very humid forests. It goes from Mexico to Panama. In South America it is found in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru.

Anacardium excelsum – Espavé

The trees are reported to reach heights of 23 to 30 m, with trunk diameters ranging from 75 to 90 cm. Trees up to 45 m and 150 cm of diameter have also been reported.  Wood diffuses porous. Vessels solitary and in short radial multiples. From southern Honduras south to Ecuador and east to Venezuela.