Cordia alliodora – Laurel

In low lying humid regions it is a tall, thin tree with a narrow, sparse and open crown, minimum bifurcation forming a single trunk measuring 15-20 m, reaching heights of 40 m and up to 1 meter in Diameter at Breast Height, although diameters of around 50 cm are the most common. Generally inhabited by […]

Pentaclethra macroloba – Gavilán

The trees reach heights of 24 m on average, trunk diameters of 60 cm over the buttresses. They develop straight, or sometimes fluted. Is found along rivers and streams, and also in low hills. Is reported to be common in tropical rain forests of: Central America Northern South America  Wood diffuses porous, vessels solitary and […]

Vitex cymosa – Cuajao

The trees are reported to reach heights of 30 m, with trunk diameters of about 80 cm. The boles are straight and cylindrical, somewhat fluted in the base. Occasionally with small buttresses of less than 1 m tall. Is found in open areas, growing on fertile alluvial areas below 1,000 m of altitude. Occasionally wood […]

Cedrela odorata – Cedro

There are 3 important species, endowed with very similar woods, almost always confused, and called Cedar; however, they inhabit different areas in the national territory. It is very common in dry land and high floodplain forests; prefers fertile clay soil, marshy or flooded during annual floods. It is the Amazonian red cedar, of great value […]

Carapa guianensis aubl – Caobilla

Dominant tree, in some cases exceeding 30 m in height. Straight trunk with a cylindrical – conical shape, sometimes with the presence of basal fins 60 to 90 cm high and a widened trunk at the base. It inhabits the humid and very humid tropical forest, sometimes forming pure stands. It is found in Cuba, […]

Vatairea erythrocarpa – Amargo – Amargo

Tree that reaches 25 m in height with presence of roots planks, which reach 2 m in height. Scattered cup 8 x 12 m. Straight and cylindrical trunk. Red outer bark with an abundance of lenticels forming groups arranged in a horizontal way.